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THE TABOO! (Brussels)



Per statistics, there are 46% adults which are singles! This is wild! And more wildly, in Brussels, I can say the percentage goes much higher ... maybe even to Protected content %!

As human beings, we have a super social character. In our lives, we enjoy having 'live' conversations with others, we love touching and being hugged and nursed, we love talking and listening to those we are fund of and we LOVE to HELP!

So, why are we not addressing the one thing which is really bothering us! That we are alone! That we are single! That we keep 'failing' on our 'relationships' - either in starting one or in continuing one!

What taboo is going on around the subject which makes it so OK to constantly 'try to swim against the flow' - the flow of our nature and urges and pleasures?
Who is really behind this? Who is trying to destroy our culture and society ...for the future?

As every one knows, the family unit, is the building block of the society. Without it, there will be no children who will be raised in loving, caring families who will care for the future of Earth. Who is really interested in destroying our culture and society by destroying its building block??

Or are we so afraid of future loses that we can not afford another loss! Are we already so 'old' mentally that we can not afford to take another heavy wind??!

I think and believe its a combination of all the above plus the major factor of not having the correct workable knowledge and tools to reach what we set to reach.

What are these tools and understandings: Well, I must say that you already know many of them! The basics such as: How to communicate to another being. How to improve our relationships. How to not roller coaster in our emotions. How to keep our own integrity and values up. How to care for another and show it. How to.....

So, what is the solution: Look in the mirror ! There is the solution The best and most important and effective solution ever was Protected content !

And then....: Decide to say 'Now is the end of being a single, being alone, being the 'only one'!'; ' Now I want to change it and I will do all in my power to do that.'.

I have been investing in myself for the last 20 years and I feel really good. My body is 51 years old, but I feel like 35! I became mentally strong and young again and that affected my body as well. I have studied and gone to courses and received counselling and sessions for the last 20 years.

Do I consider this worth my time and energy and money?! Yes, you bet! Worth my life, as I got my life back! I got my energy back! I got my enthusiasm for life back! It was not EASY, was not cheap, nor was it a walk in the park. Sometimes I felt down, to give up, to stop. But fortunately had enough guts to carry on and arrive to higher levels .

So my advice to you:

Start investing in YOURSELF! In You! In your abilities and competences! Not in your clothes! Not in your shoes! Not in your makeup! Not in your haircut! Not in your car! Not iin your AV system! Not in your Iphone and Ipad and belt! In you!

What investment will give more back to you than investments in your self???

Money and possessions and jobs can be taken away from you. But your abilities and competences are the only thing no one can take away from you
You can be invalidated, made nothing out of, but no one can kill your ability to rise again, your ability to start again, your ability to make it again!

Remember that! Decide to invest your time, energy and resources in the most important part of life - which is you! And may you never be the same again!:-)

I want to hear your voice, your ideas and your opinions on the above :-)

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