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Theater short play in three languages (Brussels)

Can someone wake up one morning and decide to be a feminist? When can you consider yourself being "something"? Size S presses your sex? All this and much more next thursday 27 at La Tapa de Proust.

We'd like to offer a new kind of theater: fun, laid back and plurilingual. Plays of less than 15 minutes, for less than 15 people audiences in less than 15 square meters in three different languages.

For this occasion, we'll show the play "Feminists". We'll do 6 passes of it. Twice in English, twice in French and twice in Spanish.

You'll find us at La Tapa de Proust where you can also have a drink or try some delicious Spanish tapas. The short play will be represented between 20:00 and 22:00 Rue de Montserrat 1-5. Next to the Justice Palace. Free price. Hope to see you there!

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