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To Communicate or Not to Communicate? That's the Q (Brussels)


Shakespear talked about To BE or Not To BE. That was the question. Now, in the modern world, where we are surrounded and drowned by technology, the real question is to Communicate or not to Communicate.

Communication is the building block for any and all relationships!

Have you noticed how many people are "communicating" with their Iphones/smart phones while they are sitting in a bus or a tram or a train? Or even in a gathering? Seems they decided its better not to communicate with humans and better to communicate with electronics.

It's quite sad ! After all, If there is no human being to create the electronic machine, or to turn on/off the machine, or to repair the machine, or to receive the answers from the machine, then there will be again no machines. But human beings continue to exist on this planet, as has been for the last many thousands of years.

All companies, all shops, all societies, all governments, all schools, all universities,... all run on and because of human beings in communication with each other.

How would our world go if we stop communicating with each other, being afraid of communicating with each other? It would be an ugly world!

What do you think? I want to really know what you think about Communication with other people?

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