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Wake up your right brain ;-) (Brussels)

creativity: [kriːeɪˈtɪvɪti]
= the use of imagination or original ideas to create something

Do you want to live fully and feel something is 'missing' - you see/hear other people talking about their passions. Whether it's cooking, painting, writing. And you'd wish you'd found your inner artist?
Or maybe you have been creative in the past, but the busy job, the kids, well, daily life in general, is draining all your energy.
Whether you are a professional artist and feel the need to explore new ways or perhaps you're just looking for a nice hobby or something sligthly more serious? Then this might be something for you!

For the record: This is NOT a course where you can learn - 'how to draw', or ''how to write or learn ceramics or whatnot.

The point is to just get started on something and see where it takes you. Any creative endeavor is a process, not an event. If you’re focused on the outcome, you’re not in the process. In fact, if you’re focused on the outcome, on fear of rejection, or on the applause you hope to get at the end, your creative muse may very well rebel and simply shut down on you.

But once you get into a process in one “passion,” you may find yourself figuring out ways to incorporate another of your “passions” so that you can do something really spectacular.

Does this sound interesting? Check out the event: Brussels Drawing and Painting Group, we will have an introduction meetup next Tuesday 15th Protected content hrs. see event for more details.

kind regards, Penny

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