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Bucharest Community Foundation

Dear all,

My name is Alexandra Carlsson and I am the fundraiser of the Bucharest Community Foundation.

Bucharest Community Foundation is an initiative of a group of 10 young people who believe in community spirit and solidarity, with over Protected content and supporters. A community foundation works in a specific geographical area as a grant-maker (for the community’s needs), an endowment builder and a community leader. Based on the resources mobilized in the community, the foundation finances local initiatives offered by nonprofit organizations, community leaders, or talented individuals and groups. Meanwhile, the Foundation actively identifies community needs, stimulating the formation of partnerships and donor commitment to address them.

Community foundations were first seen in the United States at the start of the 20th century, but the concept has spread throughout the world and is one of the fastest growing forms of philanthropy. In Europe, the first UK community foundations were set up in the Protected content .

We are part of a national network of community foundations which are supported, among others, by the Association for Community Relations from Cluj. Since we still need Protected content to be legally set up, we are currently searching for individuals or institutions which would like to support our set-up until the end of this month and become an important stepping stone for bringing change into Bucharest and its citizens.

Kind regards,
Alexandra Carlsson

Alexandra Carlsson
Fundaţia Comunitară București

Str. Gina Patrichi, nr. 6, Sector 1, București
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