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natural RAW food & traditional special orders (Bucharest)

imagine countryside
imagine greedhills with fresh water springs...

you can just eat good food [just order, and the delivery in Bucharest is free],
or even visit us [1oo km away from Otopeni Airport]
and ...the most important, you can stay in an old countryside traditional house with courtyard and porch ...for free* !
[*only for people who buy goodies from us ]
the houses are situated on a nice view by a river, in a small village.
for more info do not hesitate to contact us - Protected content .

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bees - exquisite honey
rabbits - fresh meat, only special orders
forest fruits
fresh tea plants - only collected for special orders from the hils/forest

all sort of romanian countryside traditional 100% natural food
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also you can find us on facebook Protected content

ancestors village ...

VATRA - the center of the village
DACILOR Protected content

in english should be understood like the center of our ancestors' life / village.

...get some quality time ! food, nature & nice people.

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