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Need Holistic (B.A.R.F) Vet in Bucharest.

Hi All,
does anyone know of a holistic (homeopathic or ideally B.A.R.F) vet in Bucharest. Last year has been rough on my two elderly dogs, travel from Thailand, driving around Europe and now being exposed to 55C less than they were used to all their lives. I have been feeding them Raw Evolutionary Diet (commonly known as B.A.R.F) since adopting them 7 years ago. One of my dogs now has a cold and I would like to consult a vet that is familiar with a more holistic approach. My experience here so far has been more than off-putting ... any ideas or positive experiences with that here in Bucharest? Can anyone recommend a good, trusted more holistic vet? Or at the least a vet that is ethical and has the best interest of the pet at heart ... Thanks All

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