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'Official' Meeting Observations (Bucharest)

I provide here my impressions of the official meetings - I suffer from chronic writing-up-disorder. Some find them funny - the impressions, not the disorder. Given the size of the crowd, it's of course only a highly (personally) biased snap shot, but so are photographs in some way. So why not a few words that express fragments of blabber and mishaps, ehem, I mean discussions and happenings that I pick up during these meetings.

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Official Internations meetings at Van Gogh (Oct 21th)
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Unfortunately, there was no Spaghetti talk, but only a short-lived how-to-prepare French Fries monologue by a lady in red boots with high heels, whose skin turned into the same color, when she saw Ziad's Rugby T-shirt. Ziad of course denies knowing that he bought a Rugby T-shirt, but he secretly tries to impress women with it. Another lady appeared as Clint-Eastwood-former-wife look-alike, but she also denies knowing it. Delia kept pushing newcomers into the round of persons that I was part of, probably with the purpose to get them introduced to our Spaghetti-code (outside Internations also referred to as the DaVinci code). She also tried to persuade me that Carbonara sauce is a vital alternative to the tomato-sauce (inacceptable in my opinion). The Turks complained about the 3:0 trashing by Germany, but I tried to comfort them by pointing out that other countries suffered a bigger defeat at the World Cup, and tried to fix it by a 'Iy aksamlar' when leaving. I left with back pain from standing 3 hours and will remember to bring my own bar stool next time to Van Gucchi. And I advise all newcomers: don't even bother mentioning you're new, every time it feels like a whole new crowd; just get connected to the Spaghetti code.

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