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Photo project - gated communities (Bucharest)

Hi everyone,

I'm a London-based Swedish photographer (actually I was born i Poland, but grew up in Sweden). I am participating in an artist residency program organized by Arcub here in Bucharest.
The theme of the residency wich includes photographers from all the nordic countries: (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland) is "Bucharest Microtopias", and the idea is to explore the different hidden "paradises" of the city.
My idea is to explore the living environments in the north of the city - the gated communities which are, as I understand, the homes of the better-off Romanians and expats living here.

The result of all the artists work will be an exhibition here in Bucharest in September, and possibly it will travel abroad as well. I also hope to get my work published in international magazines.

I am now looking for someone to help me get access and meet the people who live in these communities, to photograph them in their homes. Ideally I would like to meet actual Romanians, but expats could work too - if you're an expat who happens to live in one of these communities, maybe you have Romanian neighbors and could ask them if they'd be interested in participating?

I am here this week until saturday, and also one more week in late July.

Let me know if you have any ideas, contacts or would like to be part of this project.



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