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Re: Eight Session Autumn Photo Course in Pipera (Bucharest)

Dear all,

We are professional photographers based in Bucharest and are teaching a documentary photography course each Wednesday morning from 9: Protected content in Pipera this autumn for anyone interested.

Course details:

The key to becoming a better photographer is developing one’s aesthetic sensibilities, knowing some of the history of photography, the great works, the various periods and what has already been done. With this knowledge one must then find subject matter that one is passionate about to react to spontaneously and creatively through the lens.

To this end, we propose a course this autumn where we introduce you to some of the great practioners of the medium with a focus on documentary photography. Studying them will provide you with inspiration and set a benchmark for what is great work. It is only with this knowledge that you will become free to create original work on your own.

We will look at and discuss different photographers’ work while simultaneously reviewing your own new pictures each week and ironing out any technical issues with hands-on sessions in the field in Bucharest. A complete tutorial of the archiving and image manipulation software Adobe Lightroom will also be given over a few classes as well as a tutorial on archival ink jet printing.

We will learn about the medium through photography books, multimedia presentations from the web, photographer interviews and online portfolios. There is a whole community of photography available to us now through the web and we will introduce you to many blogs and websites on the industry as well which will broaden your knowledge base and feed your creative appetite.

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