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Seeking an English teaching job (Bucharest)

Dear All,

I hope all is well at your end. I am Ahmed Abdalla, I'm seeking an English teaching vacancy . I've graduated from London Metropolitan University in London, United Kingdom with a degree in International Business and Management. As for my experiences in teaching, I've taught English as a part time job for kids in the King Fahd academy in London. I've worked as a marketing coordinator for both TGI Fridays and Krispy Kreme in Americana Group in Qatar and at the moment I'm working as a marketing specialist in an investments company in Cairo, Egypt and I'm on the verge of taking my MBA from the University of Wales (Distance Learning). The reason I'm applying for a teaching job is because I want to get away from the corporate world and start doing something that I enjoy and I feel passionate about. The reason I want to come to Romania is because I've always been interested in the Romanian culture and how working internationally can open gates for me later on in life especially in my new teaching career. I always strive for excellence in all tasks undertaken. To your organization, I bring forth good work ethics, self-motivation and cultural awareness. I am a team player who develops and maintains a strong rapport with students, parents and faculty. I am renowned by my peers for developing unique and effective lesson plans, and I am confident that these characteristics will aid me in fulfilling and exceeding your expectations in becoming a valuable member of your firm. As you will see in my resume, my first language is English as I was enrolled in the American International School in Egypt where all subjects were taught to me by Americans and then I moved to the UK for university. Living in a diverse culture like the UK enabled me to be able to understand different cultures and be able to absorb people the way they are no matter where they're from or how different their culture is to mine. Thanks and looking forward to hear back from you.


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