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Surprise birthday party-15 girls needed (Bucharest)

First of all, Happy Protected content ! This shouldn't be too dificult. I am sure there are still many Internations girls that didn't forget to have fun and be romantic. I address my plea to them.
My Egyptian nephiew will turn 36 next Thursday. He is so caught in his work in Adobe Bucharest that he forgot how to feel young and have fun. So, I was thinking to draw a surprise party for him that will give him no choice but to find it extraordinary. My idea of extraordinary is 15 girls (I mean single females) shooting at him with laser guns at Lasertag Arena. Of course I am not to be counted as I wouldn’t like to make him feel uncomfortable due to my presence. I pulled some strings and I got the following offer:
If the place is reserved for two hours, there are UNLIMITED games at only 45 lei/person. The place can be reserved only if the group has minimum 10 persons. If 15 of you will attend the party, the birthday boy will get his entrance for free (our present for him). The 45 lei/person fee includes the exclusivity and the access to all the games (darts, foosball, airhokey) during those two hours. The drinks (bottled water, coffee, beer, juice & soda) and the pizza that can be ordered from the bar are not included. For a firm reservation, a minimum of Protected content must be paid in advance, within 48 hours from the reservation request time, either at the cashier or in their Transilvania Bank account available on their site: Protected content .
I wanted to make a reservation for Saturday morning, but the place is taken. Only Sunday morning (11: Protected content is available, or Wednesday evening, when the pizza is free. Birthday boy works 9 am- 6 pm. Sorry.
Who wants in? Please send me private messages as soon as possible, in order to make the reservation. I will send you details about him (maybe some photos too) if you write the e-mail address in your internations private message. Let’s do it, girls! Have fun!

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