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Wedding in Bucharest: Venues, Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone,

My GF is Romanian and we plan to get married in Bucharest Summer Protected content .

Protected content
in Bucharest or close around to facilitate access (international guests flying in)

I'm looking at information which could help us organize it in the best way i.e recommendations for:

- venue
- photograph / video
- DJ
- Catering
- Agency
- Pricing band for above
- any other relevant info :-)

We have visited:

JW Mariott
Palatul Bragadiru

We know about:

Palatul Mohe.....

Several offer to build a tent outside on the grass. It may look great but i'm afraid of the situation if it rains..

Bragadiru left us a good first impression but i know nobody who has been there.

Any inputs / comments / experience will be very welcome.

Thanks a lot !


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