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what do you think ? (Bucharest)

we go to drink , chill and socialize ,
we go to cafes to meet friends ,
we go to play pool , etc and have some fun ,
and we all love to make money ,

what if we all get together , and we start up a fun club , to chill , to socialize , to meet friends and to have fun .

we need Protected content everyone will have a share , if only this Protected content comes with friends to the place the outlet will rock , and it will be famous cause its something very unique , Protected content , media will cover our story for free just for the sack having something to talk about .

and after the first success we roll and open another one........

since we are Protected content , we dnt really need so much money to invest each of us . when we reach Protected content , we meet in a ballroom to discuss more deep details , how to start , legality , concept , etc

if interested , you have any question , or a comment

E: Protected content

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