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Advice on housing needed (Budapest)


I arrived in Budapest on the 1st September, to participate in an EU sponsored scheme called Climate KiC that serves to network people with an interest in climate change mitigation and adaptation measures and technologies, sharing skills and leveraging opportunities.

However, it's looking possible that my stay might be extended beyong the normal KiC program timeframe for between one and three months, as there's an opportunity for me to continue and develop my work with the local company to which I've been seconded. This would be outside the the KiC scheme.

I'm staying in a flat a couple of hundred metres from the Pest end of the Margit bridge at the moment, and this rental ends on the 3rd October, when I would have been returning to the UK.

Can anyone advise me on where or how to find a cheap but comfortable, one bedroomed flat? And which area is best (I'm working near the river in District 2) compromise between convenience for work and a social life, given that at 54, I'm not a clubber but do like a decent bar?

I'll be on a very tight budget indeed, but unfortunately have a taste for quality! What can I realistically be expected to pay? I look at the ads, but people at work seem to think it's possible to rent more cheaply than what the ads are suggesting.

Advice would be appreciated.

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