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Bharatiya Mela - 2015. január 25., 11:00 (Budapest)

Bharatiya Mela is a fair like event where people can find eateries, entertainment, exhibition, shops, films and games. Such a Mela is being planned by BSH on January 25, Protected content . This Mela is also to commemorate the Republic day of India which falls on January 26th.

Bharatiya Mela is to show case the culture, trade, and science of India and Indo-Hungarian collaboration. This event is packed with presentations, exhibitions, concerts, games, bazar, and delicious Indian food in the food court.

11:00 to 12:00 Arrival
12:00 to 16:00 Opening of the event, presentations
16:00 to 19:00 Cultural programs
12:00 to 18:00 Bazar and Food court.

Let us rock our collective efforts !
Join as per your interest and support in making this Mela a success !
Come, participate and enjoy the values it has to offer !

Entrance Free!

Venue: TIT Stúdió - XI. Zsombolyai utfca 6.

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