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Can anyone lend a space for a experimental art/mus (Budapest)

Hello expat community! I am attempting to find a venue for an experimental performance that we are hoping to organize in Budapest for the weekend of March 12. This could be a gallery, studio, home, or apartment that could be opened to the public for a couple hours in the evening. We are hoping to invite a small audience of Protected content to attend. If you have any ideas or contacts that you think we should pursue, we would greatly appreciate your insight.

When: Ideally Saturday, March 12th, evening or night (we can be flexible)

Who: Paula Matthusen, an acclaimed musical composer from the U.S. and Olivia Valentine, a visual artist also from the U.S.

What: A collaborative performance that blends sonic and visual elements. The performance will last approximately Protected content . Paula will use her laptop and minimal electronic musical equipment and will need to plug into a speaker/PA system. Olivia will bring her own limited equipment which may include drawing materials, fabric and string.

Needs: An accessible floor space (seating optional) in the city, a speaker system/PA of some kind. Please contact me with any questions at Protected content or contact me through internations

Thank you!

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