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Coaching - Support for expatriate women (Budapest)

Expatrielles accompanies you during the three key stages of the expatriation process: before, during, and after. The objective is to help you formulate questions in order to receive the proper answers:

What are the professional, individual and familial objectives of the current expatriation?
What process should be followed to facilitate your integration into the host country?
What cultural constraints are to be expected?
How can you appropriate this expatriation process and transform it into a valued and rewarding experience?
How can you properly prepare for your return?
Based upon your personal history and aspirations, a first encounter will allow Expatrielles to answer your questions and provide you with all the information required for the proper completion of your accompaniment. According to everybody’s individual profile, a number of encounters will be determined in order to attain the defined objectives.

Listening, discussing, and confidentiality guide a process dedicated to the success of your fully autonomous expatriation experience.

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