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Elegant and Sophisticated Apartment - Oktogon (Budapest)


Let me begin by stating that anyone is welcome to view the apartment whether it fits their needs or budget or not. I do not use real estate agents or property management companies. I rely on Word of Mouth to get the Good News out.

This elegant, fully renovated and furnished Protected content meter Classical apartment is in a renovated 19th century Imperial style building at 85 Király utca. The apartment was designed by a well respected Hungarian interior designer and architect, Judit Koczoh ( Protected content ). It includes one large living room with wall paper, two bedrooms, a large kitchen with Protected content Hungarian ceramics, two bathrooms, and an illuminated indoor garden. All appliances, the boiler, ventilation system, and the utility meters have been built into cabinets so no unsightly technology spoils the aesthetics. Kitchen includes wine cabinets.
All utilities are up and running and will be kept in my name to make it easier for the client. Thirty megabyte WIFI will be installed upon contract signature.

The apartment itself is quiet and sunny. Due to the thick brick walls and extensive wall insulation and Passiv Haus style windows, the apartment is cool in the summer, warm in the winter and quiet year round. It is an ecologically correct apartment in the sense that it uses very little energy and enjoys continuous fresh air through the microwatt ventilation system. This system also doubles as air conditioning. Operating costs of this apartment will be very low. Every appliance has the top energy rating. The boiler system is condensation.

The apartment is located six minutes by foot from the Király tram station and the Oktogon metro station. The Spectacular Hunyadi tér park is a one block away. Two blocks away are covered and open food markets. The area has several major grocery stores including a very cheap Lidl supermarket and an expensive Culinaris specialty food store. A bus stop is located outside the apartment building.

The owner is American and he lives 50 meters away. As the owner, I take pride in good customer service. All issues will be handled by me. There is no absentee Spanish landlord or incompetent Hungarian property management company to muck things up. For example, I have another client in 85 Király utca and he wanted quality curtains and rugs in his apartment. So I hired a company to make fitted curtains and rugs. He's a busy executive so I handle all utility readings and the annual chimney inspection myself.

And unlike the majority of Hungarian owners, I do not require cash payments in a brown paper bag. :)

This is one of several properties and no bank debt was involved in the purchase or renovation of any of them.

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