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Heal your Life through ancient Architecture (Budapest)

Now if you'd like a long lasting, healing energetic counselling on your Home, there is a special 50% Xmas discount until Jan 15.

Vasati (Vastu) is not just about what fabric you should choose for your's reather about how you can heal every aspect of your life by applying the ancient rules of Vastu Architecture and Interior Design into your home.
We are individually affected by energies emanated from the Universe. Through vedic astrological calculation and an overall assessment process, Vasati Design identifies your best and worst quarters and helps to correct the energy disfunctions of your living or working place. The energy of the personal favourable quarter is healing and nourishing, opening the way for the positive changes to come true.

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The concept of Feng Shui is not very different from Vastu. The principle behind both are the same. However, while Feng Shui mostly concentrates on balancing the chi and dissolving the blockages, Vastu goes furher and deeper than that and connects the house with its dwellers.

What is included in the detailed overall assessment and counselling?
- written assessment on all the positive and negative aspects of the real estate
- calculation of the personal favorable and unfavorable quarters of the occupants (based on vedic astrology)
- advices on necessary corrections (furnituring, function of rooms, location of beds, architectural correction, five element-correction, colors, energetic correction (mirror, mineral, plant), linkage of planets and rooms, change in certain customs, Yantra, Mantra)

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