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Hungarian State Health System (Budapest)

Dear All,

I'd like to get some information on how to benefit from the Hungarian health system. Well, I already know the state clinics are not the best option, but some times I need to get prescriptions and do basic checks.

I do have a card called "Hatosagi Igazolvany", which enables me to get benefit from the state healthcare system (that's what I've been told) but okay, I have no idea how to use this card. Once I've been to a state clinic near my home and after waiting 2 hours, the nurse told me that I can't get a service since my address is not covered in their territory. However someone told me that the clinics do not have territory and where I live is not important; and of course the language is the biggest difficulty.

So, since there are some controversial comments, I'm really confused. All I want is seeing a doctor once or twice a year and getting prescribed when it's necessary. Can anyone tell me how can I find a state clinic and what exactly I need to do or from where get a help from?

Your answer is really appreciated.

All the best,


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