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Intensive July 200-hour accredited yoga course (Budapest)

Intensive Protected content accredited Kaya Kalp yoga teacher course at Budapest, Hungary
Starting date: July Protected content

Syllabus of the course:
Basic principles of yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Asanas, yoga philosophy, Patanjali sutras, Kaya Kalp Sanjeevani Kriya, tantra, ayurveda, anatomy and physiology, meditations & pranayama techniques, chakra therapy, yoga therapy, dosha therapy, karma therapy

Accredited Protected content intensive Kaya Kalp yoga teacher course at Budapest, Hungary

International Wellness Academy and Rishikesh International Cultural and Health Foundation Europe offers yoga master course!

The course would be conducted by SRI VIJAY ANAND, Founder of Kaya Kalp Yoga!

Training: starts in July Protected content

Venue: Budapest, 2 district, 4 Garas St.


Telephone: Protected content

E-mail: Protected content

Our goals: Kaya Kalp Yoga is a holistic system to unite different types of yoga with traditional vedic knowledge. We are going to make you know vedic wisdom alongside with hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and tantra principles of energy harmonisation.

We recommend for those, who want to have a deep knowledge in yoga!

Kaya Kalp Sanjeevani Kriya is the most scientifically designed holistic approach towards life so that the divine feeling energy flows in our every action enabling us maximum material and spiritual growth. This unfolds our infinite divine potential opening the doors to success and abundance in every sphere of life.

Syllabus of the course:

1. Basic principles of yoga

2. Kundalini Yoga

3. Asanas

4. Yoga philosophy

5. Patanjali sutras

6. Kaya Kalp Sanjeevani Kriya

7. Tantra

8. Ayurveda

9. Human body and physiology

10. Meditation techniques

11. Pranayama techniques

12. Chakra therapy

13. Yoga therapy

14. Dosha therapy

15. Karma therapy

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