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Well who wouldn't be surprised this day was coming, seems like Inter-nations is now moving to a pay system to cover their costs with a monthly subscription fee of 4,95 EUR.

"For over a year, InterNations could afford to offer its services free of any charge. As you can imagine we would like to keep it that way forever" ...HA. Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining. From day one you always intended in charging for your site but please tell me what for? There are plenty of free social networking sites out there.

10,000 members x 4.95 x 12 = ~6million pa. Good luck with that. Even if you get only 10% membership your costs should still be covered.

I assume you will delete this post as soon as its read but I want you to know THIS SITE IS NOT WORTH 60e YEAR! Protected content for what? Yes, there is a 2-tier membership but why on earth would I bother? I've been here almost 6 months and there is nothing I have seen which is worth paying anything for.

I am not a competitor or have an ax to grind with the owners but really does the world need yet another social networking site...and one with a premium.

Best of luck with that

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