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Photo Group Looking for Face Models. (Budapest)


We are looking for 3 to 4 face models for an upcoming event April 2nd. Unfortunately the model that I had scheduled can not make it due to an exam she will be taking that day.

This event for the photo group is about portrait photography in natural light. You as the model do not not need to be experienced in posing but an expressive face would be a plus. As I have shot portraits I will show you how to move, pose and most important what to do with your hands.

I will have a makeup artist when we are shooting, she will do your at the park at no charge to you. The makeup will be soft and natural given the look we want to achieve. As far as clothing for models bluejeans, very bright colored sweaters, outdoor coats, jackets, just vivid colors. Please stay away from black colors for this, colors you feel flatter you best.

Your pictures will not be used for any purposes other than the group learning how to take a portrait picture and lighting. It is very important that all of the members of the Photo Group fully understand that they are bound to respect the models wishes in not using the models images in any forms, photo sharing networks, anywhere on-line without the consent of the person in that picture first.

I will not be asking for any money up front for this as I did with the model that can't make it. The photo group attendees will be responsible for is the costs of the makeup artist. Every person from the photo group attending will be required to pay their portion for the makeup artist without exception.

To the face models that will participate can ask for any photo's you wish to have from anyone that has taken them. You as the model can make arrangements with the individual who has taken the picture for delivery.

To any model I shoot pictures of I will do the following, I will resize them, correct the image, deliver the image as it comes of the camera in color. I will also convert it to black and white and add a little skin softener to it. I will also do all the same pictures (color)with some very soft photo shop to it. In essence you will receive three different looks of the sames images burned to a DVD.

For those of you that may be interested please send me a PM, thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.



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