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Photos of Extraordinary Apartments Now Available. (Budapest)


All apartments are fully furnished and just underwent full high quality renovations directed by a well known Hungarian designer. They are elegant, chic, and in some cases playful and hip. All apartments have air conditioning, most have a German Passivhaus standard ventilation system, parquet and tile floors, old style radiators, cabinets specially designed for storing shoes and clothing, safes, all appliances in cabinets, glass kitchen cabinets, extensive energy and sound insulation, lots of windows, and low energy costs.

Apartment sizes range from 83 square meters to Protected content meters. All buildings have elevators and renovated courtyards and facades. Owner lives within 50 meters. Near Oktogon.

Apartments are designed for good air quality and are comfortable even when temperatures are extreme. I live in one of the apartments and the temperature was 26 degrees with the air conditioning off despite 38 degrees outside. In a test I turned off the heat one day when it was minus 12 degrees outside and the temperature stabilized at 17.5 degrees. Obviously you can use the air conditioning and the boiler, but it illustrates the care that was taken in building these apartments.

I am quite willing to make changes for the right tenant. In the 83 square meter apartment the tenants wanted curtains and rugs. So I spent 300.000 Forints on hand tailored curtains and rugs. This client pays Protected content for 83 square meters.

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