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Room for rent needed desperately! (Budapest)

Hello everyone!
I am a USA citizen (born hungarian). I am living in Budapest for over a year now. My previously rented apartment had to be sold by the owner, so now i'm stuck in my elderly father's tiny bedroom. I feel suffocated here. Unfortunately in the City only students get the chance to rent for "affordable" price. If any of you have a room or section of the house to rent out for me, please let me know. YES there are fancy apartments available for Americans, but since i've been using up my saving account for rent and living here, dental expenses etc. i must curb myself with spending too much. As long as the rent is affordable by me, i can assure you i'll pay without any problems. It is very frustrating that my own (hungarian) people reject me because of my age!?
I have the energy of a 20 yrs old, i'm in good physical shape and have a young mind.
I'm about to give up to even try with hungarians, they don't want to give me a chance.... go figure!
If any of you can help please reply.
Protected content Protected content you can find me on fb. too...
Thank you in advance!

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