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Sale and marketing assistant for Optistyle Optical (Budapest)

Would you work with enthusiasm for the only existing artistic optical salon in Hungary, in an elite environment, where you can listen to Mozart's, Liszt's and Chopin's tunes while working?

The name of Optistyle Optical Salon has already become a notion among the opticians. Due to its special atmosphere, its unique customer service and the owner's, Klára Simon's, charming personality and behaviour, it has got many clients who are ready to travel thousands of kilometres in order to find what they are looking for: a milieu, where they are treated with real interest, with the highest professional competence and unselfish help.

Hereby the owner of Optistyle Optical Salon from Retek Street would like to find her sale and marketing assistant co-worker, who can help with the elaboration and the precise achievement of the developmental and customer acquisition strategy.

It is worth applying if you meet the following expectations:
- you consider yourself a precise, punctual person and other people have got the same image about you
- your taste is sophisticated, your appearance is elegant, decent and smart
- there is sincere smile on your face which makes other people joyful as well
- you do not get embarrassed if you have to communicate, get in touch and deal with the members of Protected content the high society, with the representatives of the bohemia or with prestigious people
- if you do not get embarrassed when you have to name a six digit sum, when saying the price of a prime category eyeglass frame
- if you feel at home regarding arts at least on a basic level, if you can discuss about music, poetry and painting, if the situation requires it
- if you have got no tasks, you do not just sit without doing anything, but you see where you are needed
- you do not need constant supervision, you know your responsibilities
- you can execute important tasks, you like and you can work on your own

We are not looking for you, if:
- discretion is not your strength and all your life can be traced down on social networks
- you are prone to neglect yourself, you do not like at least a discrete make up and you wear a pair of jeans most of the time
- you are not good at getting in touch with people and you like to keep people at arm's length
- if you prefer sitting in front of the computer, dealing with tables and reports
- you do not enjoy if there is buzz and something always happening around you

- if you like to spend the work hours with drinking coffee and with chit-chatting with colleagues
- if you are looking only for a temporary solution regarding work

As a sale and marketing assistant you must possess the following professional skills:

- you really have good computer literacy (it is not sufficient if you can use Word and Excell)
- you possess high-level marketing and online marketing knowledge
- you are familiar with using Facebook and LinkedIn for business purposes, with text messaging in marketing and with writing newsletters, blogging and emailing within the domain of marketing
- you must have good writing and editing skills, so that you can create and send newsletters to the clients of the salon on weekly basis
- you must have Protected content of marketing experience (with documents proving it)
- you do not get scared and stressed if you have to update, modify a webpage
- you can speak English fluently on a conversational level
- speaking another foreign language (German, Italian, French) is a definite advantage

The following tasks are waiting for You at Optistyle Optical Salon
- maintaining the customer database of the salon on a professional level with accentuated discretion
- editing newsletters, emailing, writing and sending out blog articles
- dealing with social network sites (Facebook, LinkedIn)
- serving the patients and clients with an adequate attitude
- representing Optistyle Optical Salon at conferences and different professional events
- professional appearance, participation and conducting at exhibitions
- occasionally substituting the owner at BNI Elit Business Group at the business breakfasts
- organizing business meetings for the owner
- searching potential business partners with online marketing tecniques and methods, based on the criteria assigned by the owner

If you consider after reading the above material that the requirements of our company match up with your personality and values and you are ready to perform the tasks within unique working circumstances, then we kindly ask you to send your material (CV, cover letter, references and a photo not older than 3 months) with specifying your salary expectation to Klára Simó, the owner of the salon to the following address:
Protected content , and a copy to Orsolya Szombati to the address: Protected content

Application deadline: 16th of March, Protected content
The company webpage: Protected content

The protocol of considering the received applications:
Shortlisting the applications and announcing the candidates: Protected content of March, Protected content
Telephone interviews: between the 21st and 23rd of March, Protected content
Face to face interviews: on the 24th and 25th of March, Protected content
Results: 29th of March, Protected content

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