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The Simplicity of Love – The Ultimate Empowerment

September 15 & 16, Protected content

I am utterly thrilled and excited to invite you to a day and a half consciousness awakening event in beautiful Budapest!

Come join us in basking in the presence and teachings of two great spiritual mentors – “Angel of Life” Susanne Marie, coming to us from the USA and Gabor Harsanyi, Hungarian Master of Silence.

Discover and experience with us refreshing spiritual clarity, realization of your true potential as conscious beings and the awakening of the inner power of freedom.

Susanne and Gabor welcome you into a peaceful space where you will be fully supported and held – a space where letting go and finding your authentic being is made possible with allowance and natural ease.
The main topic for the event are:
What is Awakening… Really?
Removing Obstacles
Experientially-based Practices and Techniques

Susanne and Gabor look forward to sharing with you in a dynamic and experiential way the true simplicity of awakening.

About Susanne Marie:
As a natural intuitive and empath as well as someone who has traveled many landscapes within the spiritual journey, Susanne attempts to meet people right where they are, and helps support them in further opening up into where life is directing them to go. Whether they are beginning to become aware of the fact that they feel separate from life or the understanding of interconnectedness is already deepening within them and they desire continued guidance in exploring this new territory, Susanne is a supportive guide in whatever phase they are in as the evolutionary drive of enlightenment works its way in their life. For more information about Susanne, please visit – Protected content

About Gabor:
Gabor awakens people to the realization of their own authentic being and guides them to a non-dual reality. He imparts practical, simple and result oriented practices to integrate presence and stillness into everyday living, thus putting an end to pain and suffering caused by anxiety, excessive thinking, unwanted spiritual concepts and false promises of enlightenment. Having deepened his presence and integrating it into his life, Gabor developed many techniques and the ability to teach the indescribable. For more information about Gabor, please visit – Protected content

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