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Tantra couple harmony seminar (Budapest)


Tantra workshop

Sri Vijay Anand Indian tantric master conducts 8 hour intensive training on Tantra, family and couple harmony!

Date: 30 January Protected content , Sunday, from 8.30 to 4.30

Sri Vijay Anand Indian tantric vedic master conducts intensive training on Tantra!

Date: Protected content 2011, Sunday, from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm!

We would like to pay your attention on our Indian cuisine workshops on every Saturday of January from 5 pm untill 7 pm!

Venue: Kaya Kalp Yoga Studio, 4 Garas street Budapest, 2 district, near Moszkva ter metro station

For details E-mail: Protected content or call Protected content

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Tantra Seminar Program

1. Yoga or Tantra: Which path to choose when? Similarity and differences among two paths

2. Tantric exercises for opening and activating energy channels

3. Tantric breath exercises for activating kundalini energy and inner cosmic union of Shiva and Shakti

4. Tantric Meditation techniques for harmonizing energies between partners

5. Tantric Sanjeevani and Shambhavi Kriyas

6. Tantric diet and massage tips

7. Kamasutra:Song of eternal love

8. Shringar: Song of eternal beauty

9. Cosmic orgasm: Song of Spiritual Love

Tantra is a scientific path for transformation of ones own individual energy. In the human body a vast amount of energy is produced by our cells, which flows in different directions. If this energy flows in a rhythmic way or in the proper channels then we can feel happy and healthy, with clarity of mind to enjoy all walks of our life. If this energy flows in a non-rhythmic or has a diffused flow, then various physical, mental, emotional sicknesses start to arise. Tantra couple and family harmony seminar teaches how to balance this energy between partners according to their requirement and live a happy and blissful life.

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