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6 months in B.A. (Buenos Aires)


I am a Conference Interpretation student trying to decide where to move for the next 6 months to improve my Spanish, with the possibility of staying longer once I pass my exams in August. I am fluent in Spanish, and would like to work in a Spanish environment if possible, although I have heard that for short-term work is easiest to just teach English or French informally (I am a dual French and Canadian citizen). How difficult is it to find 3 or 6 month contracts and leases for apartments/shared rooms? Is it relatively to get work visas or to work under the table once you are there? Is "under the table" work frowned upon, or is it the norm for most small businesses?

I know that to answer one of those questions, information about my background is needed - so I guess I should add that I have worked as an administrative assistant in small and big multinational companies and foundations for 5 years, worked as an energy market analyst for 6 months, have my MA in Translation from French and Spanish into English, taught high school languages, taught private English lessons for 15 years, and have some university teaching experience as well - and I am also trained as a laboratory assistant, with waitressing experience on top of that. (I guess your job profile tends to look eclectic when you work to pay your way through school...)

Any help would be appreciated! I have read the InterNation guides, but most of them seem to be aimed at longer term Expats.

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