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A little disappointed (Buenos Aires)

Hi everyone!

I got the chance to meet some of you in the past meeting in Tilde and I had an awesome time. Very nice people there. But last night I experienced quite the opposite.

I work in the frontdesk of a boutique hotel in San Telmo and last night a guest came with a friend he met in his stay in BA. They had arranged to meet with two girls in the hotel that turned up to be that i had met them in Tilde the other week.

This guy, who claim to be member of Internations was really prig towards me. Asking for stuff that the hotel didnt have. When I apologized for not having certain drinks and being unable to turn up the volume in the terrace of the music (since it was 11 pm and guests where sleeping) he claim that after being in a boutique hotel in London, if you are paying you get what you want. But the worst attitude was after asking to get in the swimming pool. I said that it was not possible since the pool is closed at 10 pm. He said very contemptuously that he would pay for a room.

I was really upset with his behavior.

thats all.

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