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A newbie introduction (Buenos Aires)

Hello Ex-pat Buenos Aires Forum.

I'm a newbie here to the forum.
Currently residing in the West coast,
Bay Area of San Francisco, California.

Worked previously in the Auto Sales Finance field for Toyota-Lexus brand dealership
here in Northern California, performed duties of, Sales Manager and Finance derived field.
I'm already,er, soon to be retired! Meaning,will start receiving Social Security Check
very soon if anyone cares to know. I Have been reading blogs about
South America, mostly about Argentine~Chile.

I found this forum to be the most informative and the quality of its members most adept and intelligent. From now and then I will be throwing naive and ignorant
questions to all of you, so, please be forgiven and kind to my persona.!

Appreciate very much for accepting me to the forum.
AKA in the States as, Rickey-San!

From the Bay Area, Circa NAPA Wine Region ,Northern CA

Buenos Aires Forum