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After 2 years in Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Hello there,
I was reading some new comments on old posts about jobs in Buenos Aires, and i still find some recommendations, which i tried and found not usefull.

I am an architect engineer, came from middle east, with about 8 years of experience in the field of architecture, interior design, also in event and project management. I am living in Buenos Aires since 2 years, learned spanish here till an advanced level, and nearly halfway a master degree in architecutre and urban filed(s), from an important national argetinian university.

What i want to say is about the difficulty finding a job here. I was and still do, using may be all websites of jobs searching, starting from linkedin, zonajobs, bumeran, bebee, trabajando, 3W jobs argentina, clarin, simply hired, computabajo, and others.

I recieve daily notifications about new openings matching my resume, sometimes its a full match like years of experience and field, some times the matching is only on secondary elements or for entry level for expample.

I was picky at first, but literary since a year os so; I do apply for all, still i rarely recieve any feedback. Had few interviews and replies, but in general this is not working. I searched in expat blogs such as internations, and others, but could not figuere it out.

I thought the language was the barrier, but after i gain it; it was clear its not. I thought the asking salary, then i started to let it always matching the average, sometimes a little bit lower. I even wrote to some "big-ones" offering the maximum flexibility like volunteering, part time or by project, to kill any diffficulty i may face, still all these things didnt work.

I honslty in somepoint started doubdting my level of education or experience, but it was clear its totally not after I compared my self to other profissional collueges I met/meet either in a project i engaged in, or collegues in my masters.

What I see here in Buenos Aires in specific, is that Protected content preference is always for locals, Protected content searches are totallsy waste of time.
The only thing that can help after basics like speaking spanish fluently and have good experience, is only socilay networking. I have been told (from locals and foriegners), that you need to know people who make decision of appointing you or someone elese, know them in person, or meet with them more than once, and after that you may ask to send your resume and apply for something. So basicly its like a social network more than a profisional or mecanical search. Also its totally not easier.

I started doing the same even within my small network here, and it worked. Well not a dream job, but it really worked.
Fell free to share your related experiences, as I still need to learn more about this.

Good luck for all,

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