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apple/mac specialist that does come to your home (Buenos Aires)

Hello BAIN community,

I just wanted to share this great service that I just used ! I have an older Mac and got it overloaded with a lot of junk over the past years, hence it slowed down and also was due to an upgrade after an cleaning out...

There is ONE person here that I also got recommended to me from more than one other Mac user, his name is Josh and his email address is Protected content .

He actually comes over to your house or office and helps you through , what mostly impressed me was the fact that I could stand by and learn a lot as well... he not only upgraded my computer, cleaned it throughout but also did some "magic " to is that it is running so smooth and nice now, its simple a joy !

He installed many new applications that I wanted, and fixed a few random issues I was having. He's a genuinely nice guy and a patient teacher. I'd recommend that any Mac owner call him whether just for a general computer clean-up or for more extensive training. He also unlocks iPhones and iPads!

He also does help or sets up networks etc... I will shortly need him again as I'm having constant internet issues due to bad network here in my house.

I hope i could help the one or the other with this info, good luck , lela

ps: Josh does not know that I am writing this and I do not benefit whatsoever from sharing this with you , this is simple because I am so very happy that all my Mac issues are gone and I am a happy user again !

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