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Ballroom ( waltz or Latin styles) (Buenos Aires)

I wanted to let you know that there is a great Academy of Ballroom in Bs As .where you can learn to dance standard ( waltz -quick step -foxtrot -tango international) or / and Latin style ( rumba- cha cha- jive- paso doble and samba ) any of the two rithms in a great environment of joy and friendship.
WE NEED MEN! who can dance and of course women are always welcome as well. But .. men are really required since most of argetninian men seem to prefer soccer.
So... PLEASE .. If you have some free time and you are fond of dancing as Richard Gere in the movie "shall we dance"...thats the place. just.. let me know and i will tell you where to go.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
enjoy life!

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