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Banking Situation in Buenos Aires

Greetings All,
I am new and literally just moved to Buenos Aires from USA (California) 2 days ago. As you can imagine, I've already dealt with adjusting to the new areas, learning the buses and Metro, buying electric plug adapters for USA plugs, and also walking to Central to get the "Blue" exchange rates of 14.5 versus the 8.5? Is the 8.5, the Gringo rate?

My real issue now is trying to figure out the uncertain banking situation in Argentina. Many people on other Expat sites said I should NOT open an Argentina bank, but maybe open one in safer Montevideo? All of my money is back in the USA and I have to figure out where to move it as I cant keep paying ATM fees and need to get an apartment, plus most banks here seem really skittish over giving anything more than 1,000 pesos through ATM.

I know that there is that rule about only moving $10,000 at a time, but cant you move it all over to an International Trust (like Belize or Singapore) and not have that problem. I'd still need a local bank to pull funds from or does everyone else here just "Stuff it in their Mattresses"

Thanks in advance for all advice,


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