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Buying a house (Buenos Aires)

Does anyone know the best way to bring money into Argentina to buy property. I have heard all manner of scare stories.

I moved from the UK and have my savings there. I don't want too loose money but I know it will have to be converted from pounds into dollars then into pesos and most properties are advertised here in dollars.

I have also heard that the central bank can hold onto some or the money for a period.

I have also heard that you can bring money through financerias but there is a charge too. I don't really like the idea of walking through the streets with thousands of dollars in a bag.

Also I have heard that the sale goes through in cash? In the UK you never see the cash it is all done bank to bank.

I understand there are bad people doing money laundering etc, but it seems very difficult for honest hard working people to just buy a house.

Any advice would be great fully received.


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