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Can U accept $ or EUR in a bank acc.. paid service (Buenos Aires)

Hi there,
I am looking for someone in BA who has a bank account that can accept USD or Euros which. I can pay directly into your bank account.. no expense or trust needed on your part. I would then like to receive in cash the appropriate amount in Pesos (Blue rate - i know the best place for this) and I WILL PAY YOU SOMETHING FOR THIS SERVICE.
I only need to do this once (or twice if you prefer a lesser amount) for approx 1,000 Euros or Protected content .
The ONLY reason I am asking this is because the ONLY way I can get the Blue rate from my UK bank account is by going to the Uruguay (from where I can return with USD in cash) and this option costs me money to go and also to stay there, as I am restricted as to how much cash I can draw from an ATM there in one day.
If you know ANYONE who has an account that can accept USD or Euros.. I can easily arrange payment from my UK bank account into USD or Euros, however, as you know the OFFICIAL rate for the UK Pound or USD is a joke, which nobody would do esp. if they know what I know about bankers!!! so please let me know if you or someone you know can help. Thanks

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