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Does "Sí" mean "Yes" in Argentina? (Buenos Aires)


When I deliver intercultural trainings, my audience (travelers, expats and international students living in Buenos Aires) usually show a special interest in sharing their experiences on first interactions with Argentinos. A few of them are funny tales and stories of success, but many are chronicles of frustrating encounters, where communicating effectively with Porteños feels like trying to complete a Protected content puzzle and always missing the last piece. Expats claim that there is a kind of magic force preventing them from connecting with their Porteños colleagues, flatmates or partners.

So why is that?

I summarized some ideas on this topic, which you can find in my blog under the titl:e "Does "Si" mean "Yes" in Argentina?". Here is the link:

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I´d be interested in hearing your thoughts and comments regarding communication with Argentinos. Did you find any difficulties?

What´s your experience like?

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