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Donations for Needy Children (Buenos Aires)

Enchanting Group, a small collection of boutique hotels and holistic spa in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico, launched their new program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last year: Enchanting Children. Inspired by participation in Give a Toy Get a Smile toy drive, a successful joint effort with Registered Nurse Nancy Myers that began last year for the holidays and is now ongoing through Protected content Cancún and the Mexican Caribbean, Enchanting Group is now expanding their efforts to help underprivileged Argentinian children through their Buenos Aires reservations office, centrally located on Florida Street.

Enchanting Group has set up a drop off station at Protected content Street in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina to accept new and used toys, new and used clothing, and school supplies in good condition to support Enchanting Children, a non-profit organization whose aim is to improve the lives of the less fortunate children in and around Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Visitors to the Buenos Aires area are being asked to save extra luggage space to bring down new and used toys, clothing, and school supplies in good condition for underprivileged children. All supplies will be delivered to the following organization: Pantalón Cortito.

The toys needed are just the same as kids anywhere would love with a few exceptions. Battery operated toys are not requested (batteries are expensive and are unlikely to be replaced). Toys that depend on electricity are also not requested. Toys that have instructions in English are not recommended, as these children speak Spanish. The children range in age from six months to 21 years in age.

Suggested toys include: trucks, dolls, Legos, dominoes, paints, crayons, perfume, nail polish, hair ribbons, sports balls, make-up kits, a diary, inexpensive jewelry, Nerf toys, pocketbooks, wallets, Barbie dolls, water guns, marbles, Matchbox cars, blocks, stuffed animals, clothing (again, new please). Suggested school supplies include: coloring books, pens, pencils, crayons, and children’s backpacks (both boys and girls) to hold their new gear.

Toys and clothing received at Protected content Street will be delivered on a bimonthly basis, depending on the amount of supplies received. Toys and supplies delivered near the end of the year will be saved for a special holiday delivery. Enchanting Group invites all visitors to the Buenos Aires area to participate in this program. Enchanting Group and its Buenos Aires staff will also be supporting the cause with toy donations. All toys will be personally delivered.

The Enchanting Group reservations office is located at Protected content Street, downtown Buenos Aires, first floor (up one flight of stairs or up one floor on the elevator). The drop off box is located in the reception area of the office.

Thanks so much!! Anything you can bring is helpful.

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