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Freelancers looking for awesome coworking space? (Buenos Aires)

Hi all-

I just wanted to start a thread to share my experience at areatres coworking space in Soho Palermo. I'm a freelance writer, and when I arrived to BA in February I was writing from my room or Internet-inept Starbucks....and going a little stir-crazy.

The company I work for arranged for me and the three other freelance writers on the team to work at areatres together. My working life here in BA literally did a Protected content first day I was at areatres. Not only was I able to work with my fellow writers, I was able to do it in a space that was open, modern, friendly and INSPIRING. I'm not kidding. Serious buena onda in areatres. There are other freelancers as well as small teams from all over the world in various industries, so I've met not only good friends but professional contacts I wouldn't have otherwise met. I genuinely like getting up and going to work, and my productivity is 10-fold what it is in my distracting house. And eating free fruit, cookies and coffee on the sun-soaked terrace aint bad either.

I've tried a few other coworking spaces in BA (Urban Station, The Office), but for me, areatres feels more collaborative and more like a community--- which for any expat is KEY! It feels more like a real office (reception, admin services, etc) with the comfort and chill-factor of your living room (I wish my real living room looked like areatres!). For me, it completely changed my work here in BA and I couldn't have pictured the last 8 months without it!

Just wanted to pass along the good word to new (or old) freelancers, or small teams in BA looking to possibly move into a coworking-type space. areatres has two locations (Palermo Soho and Hollywood), and I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

Check out the website here- Protected content

Trabajo Feliz!

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