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Getting temporary residency (la precaria) (Buenos Aires)

Good afternoon! I'm an American expat living in Argentina and applying for a "residencia temporaria" (temporary residency) to work in the country and I apparently must submit a lot of paperwork (ie. Argentina background check and also a criminal background check from the US (FBI). The FBI apparently takes 8+ weeks to process this. Here's my question:

I noticed that there is what's called a "residencia precaria" which is apparently a certificate for having started the process/trámite. Do I have to wait the 8+ weeks to get the "residencia precaria" or can that be obtained upon simply requesting the FBI records and having everything else presented? In other words, is it possible to get the "residencia precaria" while you're waiting for the FBI background check?

I appreciate any advice on this in either english or spanish...Thanks a lot for the help.

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