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Information Needed (Buenos Aires)

Hello everyone.

I just joined InterNations and I find it amazing.

I am from Athens, Greece and I am planning to move to BA..

I am in Buenos Aires at the moment, leaving in 3 weeks to go back to Athens and then I am coming back in June to settle down here.

I have a few questions regarding entering the country and visas etc and I would really appreciate if anyone could help me.

These are my questions:

1. Can I enter the country with a one way ticket.??? Or I will have problems at the airport?

2. I know I can stay for 3 months and then I have to leave the country and get back again to renew my "tourist staying" and I know I can go to Uruguay for example. But, is there a more legal way for me to stay here..?? Is it difficult to get a resident visa..? My plans are to get a job here of course...and I assume that if I have a job I can get a working visa...but what happens until then..?? Please let me know.

3. Do you know any places that I can learn Spanish really fast and not that expensive..??

4. Do you have any idea regarding how much will it cost for me to move my belongings to BA from furniture etc..??? Do you know any reliable companies..?

5. I am thinking of bringing my dog as well. Do you know if Argentina has a quarantine for pets..??

Thank you in advance and looking forward to talk with you.



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