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Introducing myself (Buenos Aires)

Hello! Yes, another newbie here :-)
I was born in Buenos Aires and always lived here. I studied tourism and I have also a Public Relations degree. I know quite well my city history, popular and not popular places and corners. I love to walk for hours when the weather is fine, discover new places, talk for a while, have a good meal, stop at some bar for a cup of cofee and keep chatting and going. I can also teach some basic wine tasting, I love red wine!
I traveled to most of my country and I still do and enjoy that very much. I've been working for 3 airlines in the last 15 years, and that allowed me to travel quite a lot; I've been to most of western European countries, some USA, a little bit of Australia, Central and South America and little Asia; never been to Africa yet.
Well, that is "the basic combo", I hope to meet interesting people and future friends here in Internations.

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