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Jobs in Education (Buenos Aires)

Hello everyone! :-) i am currently studying abroad in Buenos Aires, but I would like to come back in a few years after I graduate from college with a degree in Spanish Education.

I am curious about job opportunities and salaries here. I know that salaries for teaching English are incredibly low and it is almost impossible to live off of them. How much does one make teaching English in an institute? Does salary increase with qualifications? (CELTA, TESOL, etc)?

I was also curious if some of my classes from the states would transfer here. For example, would going to college to get an Education degree here be worth it? Would this let me teach in a public school, and how is the pay? Would my Education degree count towards some of the classes for a university English Education degree in Buenos Aires?

Lastly, special education interests me as well. Is it a graduate program in Buenos Aires? What opportunities are there in this field?

PS: I would consider myself to be fluent or near-fluent in Spanish. I have had job experiencing tutoring Spanish and looking after children. I enjoy writing and tourism. I would like to keep an open mind about returning to Buenos Aires, but I want to see if it is economically possible first!

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