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Journalist looking for story ideas (Buenos Aires)

Hello Buenos Aires,

I'm a Canadian freelance journalist and I'll be moving to Buenos Aires for at least a few months in January to report several articles, but I'm looking for more story ideas so I can extend my stay.

Often the most interesting ideas come from conversations I have with friends who have interesting jobs and hobbies, but since I don't actually know anyone in Buenos Aires or Argentina, I thought it might make sense to post an inquiry here.

I'm a generalist, so I write about a wide range of topics. I do a lot of travel and arts and culture, but I'd like to write more about human rights and social justice issues, immigration, global migration, politics and the economy.

I write for the Reader's Digest International family of magazines as well as American magazines like The Atlantic and a bunch of Canadian magazines and newspapers that you won't have heard of unless your Canadian (sigh, Canada).

So, if you know about something that you think the public should know about -- a colleague doing amazing work, an injustice that should be exposed, a social trend that says something and is being ignored, an incredible political artist that isn't getting exposure, an amazing place to visit in Argentina that no one knows about -- please get in touch with me!

Okay, thanks people, can't wait to meet you all in January!


LIA GRAINGER | freelance journalist
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Skype: liagrainger

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