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Leaving Argentina with Tourist VISA on day 90? (Buenos Aires)

Hi everyone

I am currently in Buenos Aires. I am trying to work out a trip to Uruguay with my brother (who is coming to visit from Canada). He can only find a flight that would result in me having to leave Argentina on the actual 90th day of my expiring 90-day-long tourist visa.

We have plans to leave Buenos Aires via the ferry into Uruguay.

My question is…will it be a problem to leave on the actual 90th day of my VISA? Is this a more lenient border crossing seeing as it's not through an airport?

Seems like a silly question, but I've never actually left on the DAY OF the visa expiry…always a few days beforehand to be safe.

Will I have to pay a fee? Will I be detained? Treading on unfamiliar territory here…

Any thoughts on the matter?

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