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Life Out Loud: Personal Monologues (Buenos Aires)


An opportunity to express yourself, have some fun and meet like-minded people here in BA!


WATCH MINI VIDEO (The work and its founder, my mentor).
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(There are dozens of other videos you can watch here, as well).

Please note, the name of the work has changed as it has evolved. The goal, however, remains absolutely the same: Speak your truth, with your community. Also, the topics/themes for BA will likely look a bit different than those in the video.

And now, please...


Participants perform Protected content monologues in front of a live audience- this is the final component of the process and one I expect will look similar here in BA. To achieve this, group members typically comprise Protected content who meet Protected content in order to create his or her personal monologue, which revolves around a common topic (Cancer Survivors, New Mothers etc). For Protected content , I'd like to complete two or more events here in BA. To do this, I realize I may need to modify the frequency and/or duration of meetings; if you have an interest, Ill do absolutely everything I can to make it happen. The work must get done and the show must go on! I should add that there is no cost and any money collected from suggested donations (via audience members) will go to cover basic production costs.

So you've watched the mini video and read the mini vision. Now, please...

ASK ME QUESTIONS, such as...

-How is this any different than storytelling, poetry, spoken word etc?
-Do I have to be a part of a group? What´s the schedule?
-Why are you doing this? What are topics so often 'dark?'
-What's the first BA event's topic/theme?

(I know you can ask your own questions, just figured I'd do some proactive prompting).

And now...


If you watched the video(s) of this work and...

feel inspired or moved, I'd love for you to participate.
feel something else, I'd love for you to participate.
feel nothing at all, I'd love for you to participate.
dint like it one bit, I'd love for you to participate.

Participation can be presenting a personal monologue, suggesting ideas, telling people about it, connecting me with those in the know (event space, A/V, production, marketing etc.), attending a live event, volunteering or simply donating billions or trillions of pesos to the cause :)

In other words, join me!

Email me: Protected content

You can also follow/like the Facebook page: Protected content
(just created after a location/name change, lots of stuff will soon be posted!)

Mucho mucho gracias,
Sean W.

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