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Moving to Argentina with my family (Buenos Aires)

Hola fellow members! My family and I (wife, two boys aged 11 and 6) are planning a move to Argentina from South Africa in the near future.
There are many reasons we want to do this i.e: experiencing the culture, taking in the spectacular scenery but our main goal would be to learn Spanish. We would be grateful for any advice or ideas on the following:
* We love living in smaller places - have been looking at Ushuaia and El Calafate. Any other suggestions?
* My wife will hold a TEFL certificate and intends to teach English. I want to find other work, willing to do anything. How difficult is it to find work and get the required visas?
* How much do we need to earn to take care of a family of four living in Ushuaia or El Calafate?
* Do children need study visas to enroll in elementary school? Is it commonplace for expat kids to go to local schools if they can't speak any Spanish?
* Would it be possible to live in any of these places without a vehicle and rely on public transport?
We obviously have a lot of research to do and any advice will be much appreciated.
Yours Sincerely,

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