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Moving to Buenos Aires & Investing in a property

Hola everyone,

I'm preparing to move to BA & still got some not fully satisfying answered questions on my mind. Who can help?

What are the regulations, required documents & involved costs (taxes) for bringing personal belongings via a moving company in Argentina?

I’m thinking of investing in Argentina (buying a apartment/condo unit).
Is it easy & straight forward to buy a property as a Foreigner in Argentina!
What documents are needed etc.?
How does it work with the transfer/payment?
How to open a bank account?
How to pay the property best? What is best or how is best to pay?
Is a Foreigner applicable for a investment visa? (meaning getting a visa when you investing in a privat property)

Looking forward to hear some clearifying response! Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Jacqui

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